Chaos cosmetics makes a bold statement with the Chaos Cosmetics range

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Chaos Cosmes is taking a bold, no-nonsense approach to beauty.

It’s an all-natural beauty line that’s the antithesis of the high-end makeup brands you’re used to seeing in the US.

Its a collection of products that blend natural ingredients and create a range of effects that are all natural.

You might see the word ‘natural’ thrown around a lot in beauty circles, but Chaos Cosms is an entirely different animal.

They’re the first natural cosmetics brand to go global and create all-inclusive lines, all-new skincare products and an all natural range of skincares.

“We wanted to do something that was a little bit more in-depth for us,” founder and founder of Chaos Cosmics and co-owner of Chrystal Cosmetics, Katie O’Connor, told The Irish Mail on Sunday.

I love natural, organic beauty products.

We think it’s important that we bring these products into our everyday lives, and that’s why we decided to do this.

“A product called Pulsating Body Washing Gel, for example, contains organic coconut oil and organic glycerin.

And Chaos Cosme’s products are cruelty-free.

They are also organic.”

We’ve been using organic ingredients for a very long time, we use these ingredients because they’re all natural and they’re not harmful to us,” O’Connors said.

Her team of eight, including co-founder, Katie, started the company in 2013 and it has since expanded to include a team of 16, all from the US and UK.

But it’s not just the cosmetics line that is making a statement.

Chaos Cosmins range of products includes beauty creams and skin creams as well as makeup, nail care, haircare and even skin care products.

And that’s all natural ingredients.”

The range of cosmetics is designed to appeal to a wide range of skin types, and features skincades, toners, and skincaring products for women of all skin tones and skin tones.””

We don’t use any preservatives, artificial fragrances, or other artificial ingredients.”

The range of cosmetics is designed to appeal to a wide range of skin types, and features skincades, toners, and skincaring products for women of all skin tones and skin tones.

“They are a range for people who are looking for natural, affordable, affordable beauty products,” she said.

“The natural products that we’re making are all organic and all natural products, and they are all going to benefit from the natural ingredients that we use.”

Chaos Cosmetics is now available online and in stores across Ireland.

The company’s online store is at and there are also local stores in Cork, Dublin and Donegal.

Online orders for Chaos Cosmos products can be placed from €9.95 for an eight-pack of products, or €15.95 in-store at their retail stores.

They are available in sizes from three to six, depending on the size of your face.

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