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Cosmetics are ‘a new normal’ for a woman’s body

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A woman who is an active runner has revealed that her cosmetics routine has helped her lose the weight and build muscle she lost during the summer. 

The 33-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said she had to stop shopping for cosmetics during the off-season to avoid losing weight.

“I was going to lose 50kg in the summer and now I’ve done about 35kg,” she said.

“You don’t have to buy a new mascara, but I do like to keep my makeup in the house.”

It was her first time buying cosmetics in about 10 years and it has helped make her look “leaner” than she ever had.

“There’s no excuse not to go for the essentials,” she added.

“It’s really important to buy products that you know what you’re doing and that are safe.”‘

It’s like a mini-revamp’The woman said she was “overwhelmed” by the number of products she had seen on the market, especially when it came to cosmetics for the face.

“My face is always looking for a good base.

I just try to buy as many products as I can.

I don’t really look at it as a competition, it’s like it’s a mini overhaul,” she explained.”

If I had to buy one new product for my face I would buy it every single day.”

Ms McArthur, who has been a runner for about 15 years, said the biggest change was the “new normal” in her cosmetics shopping routine.

“When I was in the off season I was shopping for makeup and now it’s so much cheaper and it’s just a different type of shopping,” she remarked.

“A lot of people are going for everything.”‘

The cosmetics industry has changed’She said the trend was also “cool” to be in the business, despite being “fat and ugly”.

“It just feels different, it doesn’t feel like work and I don`t think I’m being too picky with my shopping,” Ms McArthur said.

“It seems to be a good thing and I love it.”

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