Beauty bloggers get a raise

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Stay golden cosmetics is giving bloggers a raise as part of a new compensation package, and the CEO of the company has a message for the company’s employees: Stay strong.

In an email to employees obtained by TechCrunch, CEO John Tappin said that the company will now be able to offer employees the following salary hikes over the coming years:For full details, read the email below.

As you know, the Beauty Blogging Community, the largest and most engaged online community of bloggers, has recently experienced an extraordinary and unprecedented surge in popularity.

Over the last two months alone, the number of Beauty Bloggers has doubled to over 300 million.

This growth is driven by the incredible growth of the Beauty Industry in the United States and internationally.

We appreciate the loyalty, support and support of our customers and partners across the globe.

Over the next two years, we will increase the compensation for Beauty Blogger employees to reflect this growth.

We are also excited to announce that we have reached a new contract agreement with Beauty Bloging Community to increase their compensation by $20,000 annually.

This is a significant increase over the previous contract terms that were set at $20k.

In addition, the terms of the new agreement will allow us to further expand our global network and provide new opportunities to expand our product portfolio and continue to grow our global footprint.

The Beauty Blogding Community will continue to provide leadership and help create an even stronger Beauty Blog community in the future.

Stay golden.

The new contract also includes a $20 million increase to Beauty Blog Blogger’s compensation fund.

This fund will provide our employees with additional flexibility to achieve their goals in a way that best reflects the beauty industry.

The compensation increases are a continuation of the $20 Million Beauty Bloger Fund and a significant part of the overall Beauty Blog industry-wide compensation package.

We thank all of our Beauty Blog bloggers for the incredible contributions they have made to the Beauty Community.

Stay strong, stay golden.

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