Buxom Cosmetics launches ‘Sugar & Spice’ fragrance

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Buxoms ‘Soup and Spice’ scent is a blend of sweet citrus and rosemary, a blend that will be available in a limited edition, handcrafted collection.

The fragrance will be sold by Buxoes in retail stores, online and through select boutiques and on the Buxomeroy website.

The scent is inspired by Bixom, a company founded in the 1970s by the late Michael Buxomy.

“Soup & Spice is an all-natural, fragrance-free scent with the perfect balance of fresh and fragrant ingredients,” said Buxoming Co-Founder and CEO Dr. David J. Ladd.

“This fragrance will capture the essence of Bixoms mission to deliver a premium quality product and provide the ultimate in comfort, style and beauty.”

The fragrance is made with fresh rosemary and is available in five different shades, including pink, light pink, pink-red, pink with lavender and pink with violet.

The limited edition fragrance will also be available for a limited time through Buxommons website.

Buxombayl is currently being marketed through retailers such as Target and Walmart.

The perfume was created in collaboration with Buxo Cosmetics, which has produced a number of luxury fragrances over the years including “Sugar and Spice,” “Toxic Beauty” and “Mama’s Boy.”

Buxoom, which launched in 2011, specializes in fragrancing for women’s and children’s fragrance.

BXN is a fragrance for men.

Source: RTE

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