Former NFL star, wife sue over cover-up of child abuse

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A former NFL star’s wife is suing the New Jersey agency she used to run, alleging they covered up her husband’s sexual abuse.

Elisabeth Kline, who has also starred in “The Good Wife,” sued the Sports Authority in New Jersey on Monday, alleging she and her husband, who is the CEO of the agency, used a fake Facebook account and a fake email address to solicit sex.

She claims she was told she could hire prostitutes, but she refused.

“In the early years of the Sports Association, it was a very powerful organization, and they were doing good work for the sport,” Kline’s attorney, Robert Siegel, told ABC News.

“I think they were really trying to help protect the sport.”

The lawsuit, filed in Newark, New Jersey, alleges that in the early 1990s, Sports Authority staff members used fake Facebook accounts to solicit women and boys for sex.

The accounts, which were never approved by the agency’s governing board, included one for a man, and another for a woman who identified herself as a child.

Kline alleges she was then told she had to pay for her husband to visit a therapist and that the Sports Agency would “help” her get rid of the abuse, which she claims she did not.

She also alleges that Sports Authority employees “tried to silence” her by sending her threatening letters.

The lawsuit states that Kline “wanted to help her husband get a clean slate, so she began to use a fake name to solicit boys for prostitution.”

Kline claims Sports Authority officials warned her that if she reported her husband for sexual abuse, she would be fired, and that if Sports Authority did not provide her with her husband at least one therapist would be summoned to the agency.

In response to Kline and her attorney’s allegations, Sports Association spokesman Eric Miller told that Klines claims are “absolutely not true” and that Sports Administrator’s staff members “were not aware of these fictitious accounts.”

Miller also said that the agency “takes every allegation of inappropriate conduct seriously,” and that “there are no false reports at this time.”

Kline and Kline are represented by attorney Michael Litt, who also represents former NFL player, Jerry Sandusky.

He said in a statement that his client was “horrified” by the allegations and that he was “devastated” that his wife would “receive such false allegations.”

He also said his client has “no intention of leaving this profession,” and will remain a member of the team.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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