How to create a new beauty product in 10 minutes

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Makeup artist Karthik Prakash (right) demonstrates how to create new beauty products in 10 to 15 minutes.

source Google Blog title Karthick Prakasamy gives us a peek at the new look of the beauty industry with his new line of products.

article Karthikk Prakaparathy, who was once known for creating eye shadow palettes, has been making eye shadow products since 2014.

The Indian-born artist is known for his unique style of making makeup, with a penchant for using natural materials, including acrylics, ceramics and clay, in his creations.

Prakacarathy’s latest project, which he describes as a “bonding product,” is called “Bonding Luster.”

The product is designed to create the “bond” between the eye shadow and the skin and is the result of three years of intense experimentation.

The first batch of five products, each featuring a different type of natural material, are set to be released in the next two weeks. 

The “Bond Luster” products feature the following: A brush made from wood, a pencil made from recycled plastic and a brush made out of organic materials.

Each product is then coated with the same natural material. 

Each of the five products is also available in different shades of bronze, silver and rose gold. 

Prakarathy has also created a new line for the beauty world.

The new line is called the “Bubble” and is also expected to launch soon.

Pakalakshmi, a product developed by Prakarath, is the name of the brand. 

“Bubbling” is a new formula for “deep and intense color.” 

The product is a clear base with five colors, with three different types of pigments.

The formula is designed in such a way that the color depth is the same for all of the colors. 

In the product description, Prakath says, “Bouncing on you.” 

This is not the first time Prakarat’s art has been showcased as a product in the beauty arena.

Earlier this year, Pakarath made a video titled “Baking Sugar.” 

In that video, Prahlad had an interview with The Hindu’s Karan Jain about his art.

Prahlath told Jain that he was inspired to make a “beauty product” by a person who was making a “tasting sugar.” 

“It’s like a baking cake,” Prahlat said in the video.

“You take the cake and pour it into the sugar.

Then you mix the sugar and the cake.

It’s a good recipe, but it’s too easy.

It needs some effort.” 

Prahlat also explained to Jain how he wanted to make his own “baking sugar” after watching a television show on how to make it. 

After Prakatat’s interview with Jain, Pahalath said that he had been inspired by the beauty market and his own personal experience.

“I wanted to create my own ‘baking cake,’ so I started creating the baking sugar and making my own recipe,” Prakalath told the magazine. 

 “I was thinking, ‘There is so much beauty and beauty products out there, why can’t I make one myself?'” 

Pramakash Chawla, another beauty expert who has studied Prakats work, told Quartz that the new line from Prakahal is the next step in the evolution of Prakaranath’s “Babes” line of eye makeup.

“Karthik is a genius.

He is a true visionary.

His creations are unique and unique products that have become staples in the market.

This is what is unique about him,” said Chawlas creator, Chanda Chaudhary. 

While Prakachary’s previous work is in the realms of cosmetics and makeup, Chaudhiary said he is interested in expanding his product line beyond makeup to other types of products, such as skin care.

“He’s got a lot of potential to become a multi-billion dollar company.

He has to be in his element in that environment,” said Shatrughan Srivastava, who has been an advisor to Prakamati.

“We have seen him in the past doing very creative things with cosmetics.

He could be one of the greatest leaders in the Indian beauty industry,” she added. 

For more on Prakanath, check out our coverage of the fashion designer’s work and other interviews. 

[h/t: Quartz]

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