How you can get glow in the dark lipstick in your beauty bag

Posted by admin

I’m often asked about how to use the glow in your dark lipstick.

You can’t just put it on.

It has to be on the inside.

A few tips for making sure it’s on the right way.

Glow in the Dark Lipstick on the Inside: The glow must be on one side.

The other side should be in place.

Glow In The Dark Lipsticks on the Outside: Make sure the glow on the outside is just enough to make it look like your lips are glowing.

For best results, use a light to medium shade.

Glow On the Outside Glow in Your Lipstick: Put on a small amount of your glow-in-the-dark lipstick to give it a glow.

The glow on your lips should be very faint and be as little as 1/2 inch.

You may want to dab a little on your finger.

The more the better!

How to use glow in dark lipstick: Glow in your lipstick.

Start by applying a light light and then a medium shade to your lips.

Don’t rub it in.

It’s better to wear it on your fingertips than your lips, so dab on your fingers.

Repeat this process until you have the correct amount of glow on one of your lips and then dab it on the other side.

Keep your lip glow as light as possible so it doesn’t get too hot or dark.

If you’re using the right color, you can also apply a touch of the shine color to make sure it looks as it did when you applied the light.

For a perfect result, make sure you don’t rub your lips too hard and keep them flat.

Use your fingertips and make sure they’re on the bottom of your lip.

Repeat the same steps with your other lips and give your lip shine.

For even more glow, you may want a little bit of a shine.

Make sure you wear your lip on your index and middle fingers.

For an even glow, dab your lips on a thin layer of lipstick.

If your lips aren’t glowing enough, dab a thin coating of the gloss on top.

Glow your lips!

It doesn’t have to be perfect.

It may take a bit to get it right, but you will be surprised at how easy it is. 

Have you used glow in a lipstick?

If so, share your photos on Instagram with the hashtag #makeglowin or comment below!

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