Koko cosmetics loses $2.2 billion after the fallout from scandal

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Koko Cosmetics, the cosmetics brand whose brand name translates to “beauty for women” has been in the midst of a scandal over its advertising campaign featuring models in scantily clad costumes, which caused outrage among customers.

The controversy erupted after the company released a video in February 2016 in which its star beauty artist and producer, Koko Sugimoto, dressed up as an adulteress in the company’s flagship store in Tokyo and other locations, including in New York City and Shanghai.

The company was quick to respond to the criticism, saying that Sugimoto was simply wearing her “full makeup.”

The company had already announced that it was suspending the advertising campaign and promised to “investigate the matter,” but now it appears that the company has gone even further.

The Tokyo branch of Koko, which had more than 10,000 employees at the time of the scandal, has filed for bankruptcy protection and is being liquidated.

The Osaka branch has announced that Koko’s business has been liquidated and is expected to shut down by mid-March, according to Bloomberg.

Koko cosmetics had already faced criticism for promoting a series of photos of models in skimpy clothing.

In the videos, the models wear scantily-clad clothing in the store, but are then dressed up for promotional events, including a fashion show and photo shoots.

The company said that some models were “receiving the utmost care and attention” and “were given the opportunity to wear their best attire to the events.”

Koko has said it will continue its “good will and care” toward its customers, but it has now come to the conclusion that it will not be able to continue promoting the campaign.

“In order to stay in business, Kombos plan is to take a break and restructure, and we are also working hard to bring new products,” the company said in a statement to The Wall St. Journal.

Kombos CEO Yoshinori Yamaguchi has also said that the brand has decided to stop advertising the campaign and has announced the company will not sell any more products to retailers.

The move is a clear response to the controversy, as the company had previously said it would be “completely open” to changing the marketing plan and will “change the way we do things.”

Yamaguchi added that Kombo has “no plans to restart the advertising.”

Kombo is known for producing high-quality cosmetics and cosmetics products that have been marketed in the U.S. and other countries, and its ads have made waves in other countries as well.

In 2016, Kornhauser announced that the Japanese brand will stop selling its cosmetics and will be offering products from other brands and will stop marketing cosmetics from other companies.

Kornhausers founder, Yoshinobu Kondō, is a longtime Komba customer and has made his mark as a makeup artist.

In 2010, Kondou became the first person to earn an MFA in the United States from the University of Virginia.

He went on to earn a doctorate in international relations at the American University of Beirut.

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