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Kylie Jenner’s new lipstick is a “classic look” for Elcie

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Kylie is all about glamour, and she’s not afraid to go all out on her look.

She recently wore a bold pink lipstick and she has a bold black lip, as well.

She also has a bright orange lip and bright green eyes. 

Elcie is the brand of the same name and was launched by Kylie’s former boyfriend, rapper El-P. 

In 2018, the two have been dating for more than two years. 

The duo have been spotted together on multiple occasions and they’ve been seen at various fashion shows and parties. 

A source at Elcies brand recently told us that the lipstick is “a classic look for El-C.” 

So what’s in the lipsticks?

The Kylie lipstick is the result of a collaboration between the two.

The lipsticks are made out of a combination of high-performance pigments and metallic pigments. 

They’re a true “black eye” look. 

Each lipstick features a metallic glitter base and a base that is matte. 

Here’s what the lipstick looks like in the tube: El-C Kylie Lipstick (S) (L) $28.00 ($32.00) Black (P) 6.9g (4.7oz) 1.7mm 3g (0.9oz)Orange (P) 5.9ml (3.9 oz) 0.6mm 0g (None)Green (P,H) 3.7ml (2.6 oz)  0.4mm 2g (1.3oz)Black (H,L) 5ml (4 oz) 2.4g (2oz)0.7g (N/A) Pink (M) 5.9mg (4oz) 2g (3oz)”Black eyes” is a trademark and trademark is trademarked material.

This product is not endorsed by, approved by, or affiliated with Kylie. 

Kylie Jenner Instagram: @kyliejenner Instagram Facebook: kylies beauty line KylieJennerInstagramFacebookFacebook Insta KylieKylies makeup is currently sold out at El Cinco.

You can pre-order the new lipstick on 

You can also catch the Kylie on her show “The View” on May 13th at 9 p.m. ET.

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