Which Brands Are Being Called Out by Anti-Diversity Activists for Their Cosmetics?

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On Tuesday, the Anti-Defamation League issued a statement about the continued push for diversity in cosmetics, arguing that the products are “too often marketed to girls and women of color” and are “often marketed to people of color, as opposed to the entire population of the United States.”

The statement added that “the overwhelming majority of makeup brands that have embraced diversity include more diverse brands of products.”

The ADL also noted that the cosmetics industry has historically “been predominantly white, and as such, the products’ makeup brands are more likely to be comprised of white people.”

It added that cosmetics products “often include products that contain fragrances and fragrance-like ingredients, as well as ingredients that are more common among African-Americans, Latinos, and women in their 20s and 30s.”

The Anti-Alias Anti-Feminist Beauty Collective (ADF) is one of several groups that have called out beauty companies for including products that might make them feel uncomfortable, such as products with a “controversial ingredient,” “toxic ingredients,” and “contains chemicals that are known to cause reproductive and human developmental harms.”

On its website, ADF says it is a “feminist community of brands that offer a diversity of makeup that’s inclusive of everyone, from skin tones to hair types.”

According to ADF, the group is “committed to fighting the discrimination of products and brands that are not inclusive of women of all colors.”

A spokesperson for the ADL told The Huffington Post that the group’s statement is “not a call for boycotting brands.

It is simply an acknowledgment of how cosmetics are marketed to different demographics, and that this means that companies that want to market to all customers can do so without fear of being labeled as a hate group.”


ADL has also criticized other companies, including Dove and Lancome for their lack of diversity in their makeup, and brands like Estee Lauder and L’Oreal for their skin care products. 

In response to the ADLS’ statement, L’Oréal issued a press release on Tuesday saying, “We do not support the use of any skin-safe cosmetic ingredient, as the ADLEA does.

We stand behind our makeup and our commitment to offering our customers the highest quality.” 

The ADL’s statement came after several groups announced boycotts of products from some of the same companies. 

“We have seen a lot of outrage from women of colour who have been targeted by companies and brands over their cosmetic products,” said L’Arbre, the founder of the organization.

“And as we saw with the L’Atelier brand, these companies have been pushing to sell products to black and Latino women of every age, from preschool to senior years.

So the ADLA is calling on beauty companies to stop this dangerous trend.” 

A spokesperson for Lancome told HuffPost that the company has not heard of any boycott from the ADLU and that the statement “doesn’t make sense.” 

“L’Atellier has never been a company that discriminates against anyone, and we have always been a committed supporter of women,” said Lancome spokesperson, Julia Bier.

“We have never, and will never, sell to anyone who is not of their gender.” 

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