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Why do women get facial acne at younger ages?

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When I was in high school, I noticed that my friends and I all got acne on the same day.

At the time, we didn’t have a name for it.

But now, thanks to research, we have a pretty good idea.

We’re talking about acne that affects both the face and the body.

But we still don’t know how it happens, and we don’t have an explanation for why it happens.

So we’ve come up with an explanation: acne.

That explains why we all get acne, but how it affects different parts of our bodies.

What we call acne is an imperfect state of skin cells, called dermal hyperpigmentation.

It’s not clear how acne starts and how it develops.

So far, researchers have been unable to explain why people develop acne when they’re younger.

This lack of a clear picture of acne makes it hard for scientists to develop effective treatments for it, said lead author Dr. Anurag Sharma, a dermatologist at Harvard Medical School.

For example, there’s no known treatment for acne in the young.

But Dr. Sharma says he thinks that’s because acne has a much more complex, cellular and metabolic pathway than other forms of skin cancer.

He thinks that the cells that make up acne cells can be broken down to produce metabolites that could potentially help fight it.

So even though acne is mostly a chemical imbalance, Dr. Patel says that it’s a biological condition that can affect a person’s health.

And the best way to treat acne is to treat it, he said.

So what exactly does acne do?

Well, it’s hard to know, because we don

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