Why is Tarte Cosmetics launching a new line of lipsticks?

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tarte has unveiled a new range of lipstick shades called “Glisten”, and the new line is designed to celebrate its “100 years of innovation”. 

Tarte’s “Glitch-Free” Lipstick collection is set to launch on July 21st.

The line features shades of glisten (a translucent finish) with a rich satin finish, and includes a range of “Glittery” lipsticks, including the “Glassy” palette, which comes in a range from a base of gold and a pink shade, and a “Glue-On” palette with shimmer and satin finishes.

Tarte has also launched the “Chocolate” palette and “Dessert” palette in addition to a new “Glink” lipgloss. 

In a blog post, Tarte CEO, Anna Wintour said: Glistens are meant to be a light-to-medium shade.

They’re not quite as intense as the shimmery glides that we’ve used in past Tarte products, but we’re making a new lipglow for the “100 Years of Innovation” theme. 

Glists are meant for an all-day look.

For the best glistening experience, we’ve created shades of the Glassy range, with a creamy satin and glittery finish, that’ll help you look like a princess. 

The Glisten Lipsticks range will also be available at select retailers. 

Tartar Cosmetics has also revealed that its “Glash” line is launching on July 20th. 

This range of lipglitter shades include “Glow in the Dark”, which is a “cool, fresh shade” that “glows with sparkle”, “Blush” which is “a bright, vivid shade”, and “Chocolat” which “is a subtle, golden color”. 

“Glash Lipsticks” will be available in three shades.

The first, “Choco Choco” which will be in a shimmery metallic finish, comes in five shades: “Lemon Pink”, “Ginger”, “Pumpkin”, “Mint Chocolate”, “Vanilla” and “Vanilloid”. 

The second shade in the range, “Glitz”, is a cool, cool pink shade. 

“Glamour Girl” will also hit the shelves. 

 The “Glamor Girl” lip gloss is a deep, metallic gloss with “saturated, golden gold” shimmer and “vibrant, vibrant gold” satin. 

There’s also a “Glorious” gloss in the “Gilded” range which is described as “a deep gold colour”. 

As well as “glitzy” glosses, the “glassy” lip range also features a “light shimmer” finish in a “satin metallic” shade.

Tarte will also release “Chill Glaze” in a deep “glossy” matte finish. 

All “glistens” are available at Tarte stores, and online at 

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Tartard Cosmetics, the leading cosmetics brand in the UK, is owned by the world’s largest cosmetics retailer, L’Oréal, and the world leader in cosmetics.

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