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How to buy Amazon’s $250 Amazon Prime subscription on a budget

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In 2016, the UK’s biggest online retailer introduced a new deal: It would pay you £250 a month for the first year of Amazon Prime, plus $20 a month thereafter.

If you bought an item from Amazon for £50, the price would go up to £75.

In return, Amazon would also deliver your items to your door every day for a limited time.

The deal, which came to be known as the “Amazon Prime Day” promotion, became so popular that in 2018, Amazon announced that it would also offer a new monthly membership at £50 a month.

This is when you can start looking for new products to try out and see what the best deals are.

If it’s not the same deal that you saw with the $250 Prime, you can always try again later.

How much do I need to spend to get the best deal?

A basic Amazon Prime membership costs around £75 per year (or around $90 per month).

For more advanced options, you’ll need to look for deals on items at more expensive prices, such as items with more exclusive deals, or special offers.

What happens if I lose my Amazon Prime Day promotion?

If you lost your membership, it’s possible that you’ll be able to find new deals by looking for items on Amazon’s Marketplace, where you can buy from products that you already own or on the websites of sellers that you’ve previously shopped with.

You can also use the Coupons and Deals section of Amazon’s site to look up new deals.

Where can I get more information on Amazon Prime?

Amazon has always provided a comprehensive guide to Prime.

You’ll find more details about Prime in its FAQs, which are also available on its site.

If I don’t use Amazon Prime for more than a year, can I still buy products from Amazon?

Yes, you’re still eligible for a return if you don’t buy from Amazon at the time of your return.

To get a refund, you must give Amazon 30 days notice.

However, the process for a refund can take up to two months.

The return process is normally handled by Amazon’s UK office, which you’ll see in the top right corner of the page.

Will Amazon remove a free trial membership once I’ve tried it?


If a trial subscription is purchased and subsequently removed, you won’t be able use it again.

Amazon says that if you purchased the membership and the trial expired, you have a one-year period to buy another.

If that time is up, you will need to re-buy the subscription and then re-order it again if you want to continue to get access to the benefits of the trial.

Does Amazon still charge me for the Amazon Prime program?

Yes and no.

Amazon Prime is only a trial, and there are no fees or subscriptions charged.

Why does Amazon remove free trial subscriptions?

Some of the free trial promotions have been removed for good reasons, such the ability for customers to cancel their subscription, but others have not.

For example, the Amazon Echo device that you can get for free from Amazon doesn’t require a trial to use.

Other free trial programs, such those that let you use your Amazon credit to buy things, are still available, but they’re not guaranteed to be free.

Amazon has also removed free trial access to many of its other products, such Kindle e-readers, a mobile phone and a tablet.

This includes many of the new tablets and smartphones, as well as a number of new products from Samsung.

Amazon is also removing access to free trial products for some of its older hardware and services.

For more information about Amazon’s free trial program, you may want to read our guide on how to get a free membership from Amazon.

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