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Nars Cosmetics CEO: ‘The idea is to help make our community more beautiful’

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Nars’ new line of cosmetic dentistry will focus on skin-care products to promote healthy, sustainable living and improve your overall health, the company said Tuesday.

“The idea for the line is to make our communities more beautiful,” Nars CEO Kylie Jenner told CNBC in a statement.

The company will also create the Nars Beauty Dentistry line, which will feature five skin-focused cosmetic products: the NARS Beauty Dentist, the NAR Beauty Dentista, the Tempt Beauty Dentator, the DENTIST Beauty Dent, and the NARA Beauty Dent.

The products will be available through retail channels through April 2017, Nars said.NARS has a long-term commitment to promoting health through cosmetic dentists and their clients, and NARS’ CEO says it is committed to the cause.

“I’m honored and grateful to be a part of Nars family of cosmetics brands,” Jenner said.

“Our commitment to our customers is to provide an exceptional experience that supports our mission to empower and promote the wellness of the world’s population.

We hope to continue to work with Nars to provide the highest quality products to our community.”

The NARS line will offer five products that will be used on the lips, lips, cheekbones, temples, nose, forehead, and forehead area, and are also being designed for facial masks, and facial scrub and moisturizer.

Nars has also partnered with beauty salon owners in the U.S. and internationally to offer a variety of cosmetic products, including the NOS Beauty Dentists, NARS Hair Salon Dentists and Nars Face Shop Dentists.

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