The first major US health care system to offer a fully integrated drugstore pharmacy

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By Chris MooneyReuters| 17 commentsThe first major U.S. health care infrastructure will open up a pharmacy in 2018 and offer a full-fledged pharmacy solution, the pharmaceutical company Sephora said Thursday.

The pharmacy is slated to be the largest such facility in the United States, with an estimated total of about 1 million square feet of space and 10,000 workers, according to the company.

The store is expected to be fully staffed with pharmacists who specialize in providing medication to patients, as well as pharmacy technicians who will dispense prescriptions.

A company spokesperson declined to comment on the price or availability of the pharmacy.

It was not immediately clear if the pharmacy will be in New York City.

The Sephoras pharmacy is located in the former Seabrook, New York, warehouse where it was built in 2012, and is the largest privately-owned pharmacy in the U.K.

Sephora was founded in 2001 by Michael J. Glaeser and Andrew Finkler, who left Sephore to form their own drugstore company, Glaetzer’s Pharmacy.

The first pharmacy in Europe opened in France in 2009.

Sephoras largest business, the National Center for Home Care, opened in Philadelphia in 2013.

A number of U.s. states have passed similar legislation in recent years.

In Texas, the legislature passed a law in 2015 allowing pharmacists to dispense prescription drugs to patients within a pharmacy.

In Washington, D.C., pharmacies can dispense the medication to any patient without a prescription.

“It’s really about bringing our pharmacy to the 21st century, and opening up an environment where we can take advantage of technology, make it easier for people to access medications, and to provide services to patients that are important to them,” Glaetser said in a statement.

A spokesman for the American Pharmacists Association said it supported the move and that it had no plans to oppose the pharmacy opening.

“We’re thrilled that the FDA is finally allowing us to open a full, integrated drugshop in the States,” said AUSA President Chris Parnell.

“We’ve been fighting to open our pharmacy since the 1990s, and we’re hopeful that with the FDA’s move this year, we’ll be able to make the same move here in the states.

The Pharmacy Act was designed to make it simpler for people with prescriptions to access the medications they need, and it’s working.”

Sephorans first pharmacy opened in 2009 in the Philadelphia warehouse, where it had previously been built.

The company’s plans to open its first U.M. store in New Jersey are under consideration, according.

The first pharmacy will operate out of the first Sephoro Center in the Bronx.

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