Maelys cosmetics review: Maelys Mascara in a bottle review

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Maelys is known for its lipsticks, so it was no surprise to see the Korean brand’s new mascara line launched in Korea.

This is the first time the company has been launching mascara in Korea and its only foray into the American market, as far as we can tell.

Maelys mascara is based on the “A” formula that was used in their mascaras, so we don’t know much about it.

It does not include any of the ingredients in the “E” formula.

It has a thick formula that is slightly thick at the top and thick at both the bottom and sides.

It is very thin at the tip.

It feels quite thick at first, but it is easy to remove and reapply.

The product lasts for five to six hours on the lips and for a total of three to four hours on your face.

The mascara has three color shades that range from bright reds to bright yellows.

The first color is “Lilac,” which is a light pink.

It goes on smoothly and feels very lightweight.

It’s really easy to apply and lasts for three to five hours.

It also has a good amount of color and a nice sheen that is easy on the skin.

It doesn’t dry my lips out or make my skin look oily, but if you have dry skin, it will definitely help to get the mascara to apply smoothly.

The second color is called “White.”

It goes light red.

It takes a little longer to apply, but the result is nice and creamy.

It gives the appearance of a light red lipstick.

It stays put for three or four hours, but once it dries, it gets a little gritty.

It can be difficult to remove because it is quite thin and not as dense as the “L” mascara, so you may want to use a sponge to apply the product.

The last color is named “Green.”

It is a deep green.

It lasts for four to five days on the face and for five or six hours for the lips.

The formula feels a little thick at this point, but when it drips, it’s really thick.

It works well for dry skin as well as oily skin.

The price for the mascara is 8,800 won ($6.10), and the brand sells a limited number of each.

If you’re in Korea, you can order the mascara right here.

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