The first day of the NFL season was filled with some drama, drama, and drama

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The first game of the 2017 season was played on Sunday, October 10, with a stunning win by the New England Patriots over the Detroit Lions.

The Patriots dominated the first half of the game, and they ended the game with a touchdown and two interceptions.

The offense came alive after that, as it was a dominant performance from the Patriots.

The Lions came back and won the game 24-20.

The Patriots’ offense was a lot different than the one that they ran against the Lions.

Their offensive line was a different group of players, as they were able to run so many different combinations of different concepts.

That was great to see from the offensive line.

Their pass rush was really good, too.

They did a good job of pressuring the quarterback.

It was a big game for the Patriots, and it’s a big win for them.

The Lions defense also had a lot of success, as the defense allowed just 11 points on the day.

That’s not great, but the Lions allowed just four sacks on the season.

The defensive front was pretty solid, with linebacker Ndamukong Suh and safety Glover Quin both holding up well.

The offensive line played a huge role in this game.

The line was able to pressure the quarterback and keep him off balance.

This was a really strong defensive effort for them, and that was important to them.

The offensive line gave them a lot to work with.

The linebackers did a nice job of helping keep the line in front of the quarterback as well.

It helped them out as a unit.

This is just another step in the right direction for the Lions offensive line, which should help them continue to progress.

We’re also going to be seeing a lot more of the tight end position this season.

That will help the Lions offense and the Lions defense, because tight ends have really taken off in the NFL.

The tight ends are one of the most dangerous offensive linemen in the league.

This will give them a much better opportunity to make plays on offense.

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